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What is the Optimal Temp to Keep Your A/C Running at in the Summer to Save Money?

Everyone's looking for ways to save money nowadays, and one very easy way to do this is by adjusting your home's thermostat. Indeed, there are many different ways that you can lower your monthly electric bill by simply adjusting your home's temp.

What is the ideal temperature to keep your A/C running at in order to save money?

Well, while this is a very subjective question as everyone has their own desired temperature to have in their home, it has been said that each degree you set your home's thermostat to above 72 degrees can save you up to 3% on your cooling costs.

Now, while this may not sound very significant, when you take additional measures in order to keep your home cooler, it can definitely begin to pay off, literally.

Keep reading below to learn about some of these nifty tips to help you save money this summer, while also staying cool and comfortable at the same time!

Tip #1

Keep your A/C to at least 72 degrees.

Tip #2

Try to remember to keep your A/C at or around 78 degrees when there are no people or animals in the house.

Tip #3

It may be useful to turn your A/C up and to turn 1 or 2 fans in the room you're in.

Tip #4

Get a central A/C unit and put it in the room that you spend most of your time so that energy isn't being wasted on cooling empty rooms.

Tip #5

When it's time for bed, you may want to increase your home's A/C a couple degrees seeing as how at night the outside temp will get much cooler.

Now, while there certainly isn't a one-size fits all approach to keeping your home cool while also helping you save money on your energy bill, but there are certainly measures that can be taken to help.

Hopefully this article has helped to give you a little more insight into how you can keep your home at a level that you and your family will be comfortable at, as well as also helping to save you money on your energy bill each month.

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